Angie RuaneI have had a lifelong interest in humanity; people’s needs, desires and what moves them, in both work and life. Following a number of enjoyable HR roles in the UK health sector, relocation to Ireland over twenty years ago witnessed a change in direction. I was drawn to make a gradual transition, first into lecturing and facilitation, and then into feedback and coaching. I have now been working with individuals and groups for learning and growth, for around seventeen years.

Specific experience of coaching

I have been fortunate enough to coach with a very broad range of corporate and private clients, engaging with individuals from Team Leader to Managing Director level. Coaching conversations have varied significantly, from the challenges of taking up a new role, to career or life direction, as well as retirement.  Client organisations currently include ESB, CRH, Friends First and Northern Ireland Electricity. Amongst earlier clients were the NTMA, Mainstream Renewable Power, Dublin Institute of Technology, Allied Irish Bank and Warner Music Ireland. I am also an associate coach and facilitator for Ashridge Business School. Private clients are often people in major personal transition, such as the return to work following full time parenting.  Geography is not a barrier to coaching . I have managed effective coaching relationships with clients based throughout Europe, the US and South Africa.


Angie Ruane is an accredited coachI am qualified via the British Psychological Society to use a wide cross-section of psychometric tools, and specialise in delivering 360 feedback. I am passionate about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and its value in fostering recognition and respect; both in self and others. I have extensive experience of using the MBTI with individuals and in the area of team dynamics / development. As an Accredited Coach, lifelong learning is tremendously important to me, and I seek both formal and informal opportunities to learn and grow on an ongoing basis.  I believe the most important learning of all comes from working with my clients.

My approach to coaching

As I work with people who feel they are ready for a better journey, I am committed to walking beside them on their path of growth. Each path is unique. As a coach, my intention is to be fully present for each person during our conversation; to listen to them with interest, respect and an open mind.

Outside the professional sphere

My personal work-life balance is achieved through friends, music and literary fiction. With the inspiration of a marvellous yoga teacher I eventually developed a daily yoga practice, which combined with mindful walks with my dog, bring great peace of mind.  I have a personal interest in the function of the labyrinth and how this ancient emblem of wholeness can help to address some of the questions modern life brings up.  Click here for my contact information.