• Colum Flanagan, Health Claims Manager Friends First, testimonial for Angie Ruane Coaching

The coaching sessions with Angie have been the single most important piece of personal development that I’ve ever done.  I’ve never had formal coaching before and would highly recommend the process in general and Angie in particular.  It’s important to step back and create the space to ask some important “inner” questions and Angie has proven to be an excellent facilitator in that regard.  Is there anything that I know about myself now that I didn’t before the coaching sessions?  No, but what is different is that I’ve found the honesty to recognise my strengths and weaknesses and the confidence to take the next steps on my personal development journey.  Although I’ve never seen it, I’ve no doubt that Angie brings a “magic mirror” along to all of the coaching sessions!

Angie is a warm, open and engaging person who encourages her clients to maximise the benefits of the “time out”  coaching sessions.  She gives freely of herself and provides the right environment for true self evaluation.  Importantly, aside from the actual development objectives, the coaching with Angie is fun and enjoyable!

  Gary Connolly, NI Development Manager, ESB Wind Development

I have really enjoyed and derived huge benefits from working with Angie over the past year, both professionally and personally. Angie has this great knack of putting you at your ease and making you feel very relaxed talking about yourself and your experiences. She is a really excellent listener and asks questions that really force you to reflect on how you are approaching things and to challenge yourself and break out of your comfort zone. She has helped me to learn how to keep a much better perspective on things and to value the benefits of building and maintaining relationships, both at work and in my personal life, but also that these require time and hard work.

Over the past year, I have learned a lot more about myself and my coaching and leadership style, which has challenged me to change some of my habits and to be more open and available for people and, as Angie puts it so well, to keep my “head up rather than down “.

Finally, she has given me additional confidence and to understand that it really starts by trusting and inspiring yourself and that this will then rub off on those around you.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Angie and would encourage anyone who is prepared to think critically and honestly about themselves to meet with her and they won’t regret it.

Colum Flanagan, Health Claims Manager, Friends First

I began my coaching programme with Angie at a time which coincided with a period of both professional challenges and progression for me.

Angie helped me to clearly identify my goals and to focus my energy on the positives while also acknowledging/working on some weaknesses.

I found it very helpful to be able to take time out to discuss the issues and to focus on my personal career challenges as it is very easy to get caught up in just doing your job.

The discussions we had and the time we spent visualising different scenarios were very beneficial to me and helped me to put those ideas into practise.

I would highly recommend undertaking a coaching programme and in particular Angie as a coach. By the end of our time I had achieved my goals and I had also developed a new found self-confidence while learning new tools which I now use on a daily basis when interacting with colleagues and important stakeholders/sponsors.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole coaching journey.

A Manager, The National Treasury Management Agency

I first started working with Angie as part of an internal development programme, during a period of personal career growth surrounded by business uncertainty. Angie helped me put my new and growing responsibilities in perspective with the capabilities and strengths that a 360 feedback report had identified. This enabled me to step up to the various challenges I was facing, and provided a voice (or ear!) of sanity when I needed it.

Angie’s style is one of patient reflection. She is an exceptional listener, and I found she truly got to know and understand my personal drivers, motivations and career aspirations. This was vital to the success of the process. Yet during the sessions, Angie would never hesitate to ask the clear, striking question that either had not occurred to me or that I had been avoiding. For me, this was where the deep personal learning happened and that is where the value in working with Angie lies.

Matt Boss, VP Global Customer Relationships, Mainstream Renewable Power

I began coaching with Angie almost by happy accident.   I was contemplating a big move in my career when I was afforded the opportunity to participate in coaching with Angie.   Although I was engaged in other coaching activities at the time to help me come to my decision, I found Angie to be uniquely warm, open and insightful.   I gained a lot from all my coaching experiences, but it was Angie’s insights and guidance that were the key to my decision in the end.

Six months on from my big move (I went for it in the end!) I am very happy with my decision.   Angie’s words of wisdom and encouragement continue to inspire and encourage me as I forge a new career and life direction.

Angie is generous with her time, energy, wisdom and experience.  I am very grateful to have worked with her.  I would thoroughly recommend her coaching to anyone.

Mary Nolan, marygnolan.com

My coaching contract with Angie commenced during a period when I was undergoing significant changes in my career; moving into a new management role managing a team of c. 45 from having previously managed a team of only 5, undertaking studies for a Master’s degree and in addition participating on a demanding semester-long Human Resources Management training as part of my new management role. At a point of near burn-out as a consequence of excessively long hours in the office, I could not see myself achieving all the ambitious goals I had set or performing satisfactorily in my new role.

Angie’s style of coaching is probing and guides you as the coaching client to identify the issues you need to address in order to achieve your goals or to overcome the challenges you face. Through Angie’s style of coaching, I built a high level of self-efficacy which meant that I was able to deal effectively with the challenges brought about by these changes.

From my coaching sessions with Angie, I was able to recognise my personality type (both strengths and weaknesses) and I have therefore used this additional knowledge to my benefit to successfully overcome the issues which initially seemed unachievable. Importantly for me, Angie enhanced my awareness on the benefits of strategic networking across the organisation which is a source of support (and to support colleagues) as a key part of my career progression and obviously for any aspiring business manager.

My coaching experience has been entirely positive and my transformation and achievements during that period is a testament of Angie’s professionalism and effectiveness to deliver positive outcomes as a business coach. I’m excited to confirm that I have completed both the Master’s degree and the HR for Managers training, embedded and growing in my new role and enjoying a healthy work-life balance. – Thank you Angie.

Justice Mushabayasa, Manager, ESB International

Angie facilitates the journey to a higher state of self-awareness and appreciation of one’s own style. The coaching process, or journey, was enjoyable but also challenging. The out of office sessions are relaxed and Angles style certainly facilitates openness and trust. Angie challenges the status quo and personally I have a greater sense of place and worth. I believe I am now in a better place to influence positive outcomes. I have undoubtedly benefitted from the whole coaching experience and intend to continue develop and understand my own management style.

Team Leader, ESB International

I have worked with Angie a number of times over the past few years. This time round Angie worked with another coach and myself to design and implement an initiative to enhance the ‘soft skills’ or ‘relationship skills’ of my team.

Angie worked hard with me at the outset to really define what it was that I wanted to do. Through careful listening and questioning Angie  helped me to clarify what particular behaviours should be given most focus. Thereafter Angie worked within this framework to support the Team Leaders with one-to-one coaching and some group work.

Angie’s strength here was to bring clarity to the expectations at the outset,  and then  by bringing a real focus on each person’s strengths and how they play best to those. The feedback I’ve had from the team leaders has been universally positive – their work with Angie has allowed them to confidently lead the wider Development Programme with their own teams. It has also given us all food for thought around our own personal goals and objectives. The Team Leaders also appreciated Angie’s trademark style – non-judgemental questioning, looking at the whole picture – work and non-work; and of course – a bit of fun!

I look forward to working more with Angie on future programmes.

Sean Hegarty Manager, Wind Energy Solutions, ESB International

Having worked with Angie for the best part of a year, I found her to be very understanding of the needs of me and my team. Angie’s unique ability to listen, assess our development needs and work with me and my team resulted in an excellent individual and team coaching programme.

On a personnel level I found Angie’s approach triggered me to think more about how I managed my team and also appreciate the different styles within the team. The feedback from the team members has been very positive, all feel they have learnt alot about themselves and the other members of the team.

I can clearly see the benefits of the coaching programme in both the individuals and how the team is functioning. Angie worked very hard during all the individual and team sessions, she also made these sessions very enjoyable. I would have no hesitation in recommending this training programme to other managers, and hope to work with Angie again in the future.

John Quane, Manager, Greenfield Renewables ESBI