Why Coaching?

  • Are you experiencing a lack of fulfilment in your work, or life in general?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are driving around the roundabout of life and simply cannot decide where to turn off?
  • Is there a sense you have undeveloped potential?
  • Do you feel too busy in everyday life to pay attention to these important questions?

If these, or other similar questions are occurring to you, coaching can provide a quiet and neutral space in which to explore your own path to a better journey….

About Angie Ruane

Angie RuaneI am a professional coach who is passionate about people’s potential for development and growth – at any stage in life. Following a number of enjoyable HR roles in the UK health sector, relocation to Ireland almost twenty five years ago witnessed a change in direction. I was drawn to make a gradual transition, first into lecturing and facilitation, and then into feedback and coaching. I have now been working in this privileged space for around twenty years. It is always enjoyable and interesting.


Coaching Experience

I have been fortunate enough to coach with a very broad range of clients, who have referred to me privately or been sponsored by their organisations. Coaching conversations have varied significantly: young adults seeking direction; the challenges of taking up a new role; work or life direction; the return to work following full time parenting or illness, as well as preparing for the transition to retirement.  I am a long term Adjunct Coach and facilitator for Ashridge Business School, which is based in the UK and delivers cutting edge leadership development programmes for international clients. Geography is not a barrier to coaching : I have worked with clients based throughout Europe, the US , Asia and Africa, connecting via phone, skype and zoom.



Angie Ruane is an accredited coachI am qualified via the British Psychological Society to use a wide cross-section of psychometric tools, and specialise in delivering 360 feedback. I am passionate about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and its value in fostering recognition and respect; both in self and others. I have extensive experience of using the MBTI with individuals in the area of lifelong development , team dynamics, and also for young adults seeking direction.

As an Accredited Coach, lifelong learning is tremendously important to me, and I seek both formal and informal opportunities to learn and grow on an ongoing basis. I believe the most important learning of all comes from working with my clients.


Coaching Philosophy

I have had a lifelong interest in humanity; people’s needs and what moves them, both in work and in life. As I work with people who feel they are ready for a better journey, I am committed to walking beside them on their path of growth. Each path is unique. As a coach, my intention is to be fully present for each person during our conversation; to listen to them with interest, respect and an open mind.


Outside The Professional Sphere

My personal work-life balance is achieved through friends, music and literary fiction. With the inspiration of a marvellous yoga teacher I eventually developed a daily yoga practice, which combined with mindful walks with my dog, bring great peace of mind.  I am an exponent of the benefits of Steiner education and am a Director at the Kildare Steiner School as well as founder member and Director of the Kildare Steiner Secondary School. Click here for my contact information.